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Tests to Diagnose Dry Eye

Dry eye / Tests to Diagnose Dry Eye

Diagnosis of dry eye

Dry eye, or dry eye syndrome (DES), is one of the leading reasons patients seek consultations with ophthalmologists, due to its high prevalence in the population, plus the fact that it is an issue that affects many people yet to be diagnosed.

It is estimated that more than 60% of people in Spain over the age of 45 suffer from this disorder, which represents around 5 million people.

It is an eye disorder that primarily affects women, increasingly with age, reaching up to 80% in women over 60 years old.

Until recently, diagnosing dry eye was fairly complicated as there was no specific diagnostic test that helped to detect and identify this unpleasant disorder and determine its severity.

Some tests that ophthalmologists used to use in consultations included dying the surface of the eye with fluorescein, so they could see the cornea in more detail, and also look for the presence of possible corneal ulcers.

They would also use Schirmer’s test which involves placing small strips of filter paper on the lower eyelids of both eyes in order to measure the patient’s tear production. At Oftalvist we have acquired a cutting-edge technology called DX Analyzer which offers a major qualitative improvement in terms of diagnosing and better managing, monitoring and preventing dry eye in our ophthalmological clinics.

Diagnosis dry eye

Schirmer’s test

DX Analyzer dry eye technology

DX Analyzer

DX Analyzer is a useful, effective and highly precise tool for analysing the quality of the tear film, giving us key data to help us understand changes to the patient’s tear film and quality of vision at all times. The ophthalmology specialist can use this information to determine the best therapeutic treatment for the patient.

OSDI test

OSDI test is used for determining the severity and classifying the type of dry eye according to the symptoms. It therefore gives us an idea of the type of dry eye the patient is suffering from, as well as the ideal treatment.

Download the following PDF to take the test and tick the box that best suits your situation. You will obtain a score that categorises your dry eye level as normal, light/moderate or moderate/severe:

osdi test

OSDI dry eye test