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Preoperative Tests for Refractive Surgery

Refractive surgery / Preoperative Tests for Refractive Surgery

What do the pre-operative tests involve?

The initial pre-operative consultation for myopia, hypermetropia and/or astigmatism surgery is the most important stage in the entire procedure.

Consult myopia and astigmatism operation

This is where we reliably determine the appropriate treatment for the specific patient in question and the surgical result that we would like to obtain as safely as possible. That is why at Oftalvist, we don’t just consider this a simply informative consultation, but rather an exhaustive ophthalmological exam where we use the most cutting-edge diagnostic technology available to perform the following tests:


Tonometry: measurement of intraocular pressure


Test for visual acuity and prescription


Examination of the anterior and posterior segments of the eye


A detailed study of the eyes: corneal topography, aberrometry, corneal pachymetry, anterior segment OCT and laser biometry

After obtaining the results, the specialist ophthalmologist may determine whether laser treatment or an intraocular lens would be the most suitable technique to correct the refractive error.

Below are the general criteria for choosing between one technique and another:

Old age.

Stable prescription.

A thick cornea in the eye being treated.

Good eye health, with no associated eye disorders.

Our instructions for the initial consultation

Should I remove my contact lenses?

Yes. It is essential that you remove your contact lenses plenty of time before the consultation so your cornea is in normal condition. The patient should generally stop using contact lenses a week before the test with rigid lenses and three days before with soft lenses. Contact lenses cause physical changes to the surface of the cornea, whether due to friction, changes in hydration or small surface oedemas.

Can I wear makeup?

There is no reason why the patient cannot wear eye makeup, as this will cause no problems for the consultation.

Should I bring someone to the appointment with me?

It is advisable for the patient to come with someone or to use public transport as after the diagnostic tests, while this is not standard, it may be necessary to dilate the pupil in the patient’s eye, and this will cause blurry vision for a few hours.

How long will the consultation take?

The amount of time that the patient will need to spend at the clinic is approximately 30 to 45 minutes. First of all a medical file will be opened with all their details and a full anamnesis with all their ophthalmological history. Then an optometrist will perform the diagnostic tests. Afterwards, a specialist ophthalmologist will assess the results with the patient, who may request a quote for the surgical procedure, with zero obligation.