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With all the different cosmetic treatments available these days, many patients don't know which one is the best and most suitable for them.

That's why the multidisciplinary team of dermatologists, oculoplastic surgeons and cosmetic ophthalmologists, in our Eye and Facial Cosmetic Treatment Unit will study your case and give you personalised advice to help you return your face to its previous fresh and natural appearance, with the very best guaranteed results.

Our facial cosmetic treatments


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Hyaluronic acid fillers

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Botulinum toxin

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Pulsed light (IPL)

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Chemical peel

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Plasma laser

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First facial study and diagnosis

What does this consist of?

In this initial informative consultation the cosmetic doctor will study the specific case of each patient and decide what kind of eye and facial cosmetic treatment is most suitable.

To do this, the doctor will perform a comprehensive and exhaustive study of the patient's face using an innovative personalised facial diagnosis system (VISIA) that captures and analyses the three views of the face (left, right and front), which is the most rigorous way to select the best technique for those patients that are looking to undergo a cosmetic treatment.

What our patients think

Aída R.

Patient treated for rosacea with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL).

They apply intense pulsed light to the affected area, it lasts less than 10 minutes and you already notice the difference after the first session. The result has exceeded my expectations, if I'd have known how effective it was I would've done it beforehand.

Olaia R.

Treated with a chemical peel and mesotherapy.

First they analysed the properties of my skin with VISIA and recommended 3 chemical peel sessions with 30% trichloroacetic acid and 2 mesotherapy sessions. The sun spots have faded and my skin looks a lot better, I will definitely get the treatments again.

Why choose Oftalvist?

An indisputable leader in ophthalmologic laser surgery, Oftalvist Group was founded over 30 years ago and has always used the most advanced surgical techniques in the industry, providing all their treatments from exclusive operating rooms in major hospitals.

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