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Oftalvist offers an International Programme for the convenience of our international patients, so we can cater to all their needs and provide fully personalised diagnosis and treatment for all forms of eye disorders.

With more than 33,000 surgeries performed every year, our ophthalmology group offers all the most advanced medical and surgical techniques available and was the first company in Spain to incorporate femtosecond laser platforms for correcting presbyopia and cataracts, as well as other refractive errors.

Where is our International Department located?

Oftalvist Barcelona: C/Anglí, 40.

International Phone Number: +34 936118125


From Monday to Friday: 9am-2pm & 4pm-8pm

What will your experience be like at Oftalvist?

We offer services specially designed for patients that are looking to undergo ophthalmology treatments outside of their country and require medical attention from the moment they make the decision, throughout the treatment and during the healing process.

Why choose Oftalvist Group?

Medical team Oftalvist Barcelona

A leading team of medical professionals who are internationally renowned in the field of ophthalmology.

Oftalvist offers comprehensive visual care in all of its ophthalmology units:



Refractive Surgery



Retina and Macula


Cornea Transplant

Dry Eye

Tear Ducts

Periocular Cosmetic Treatment

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Technology Oftalvist Barcelona

Oftalvist has equipped its centres with cutting-edge equipment for more advanced, precise and safe procedures within a hospital environment.

Oftalvist has obtained accreditation for its COVID-19 prevention protocol in all its clinics.

Covid19 Oftalvist Barcelona

What will your medical treatment be like?


Request your initial appointment

First consultation: full ophthalmology exam.
Pre-operative tests, if required.
Medical diagnosis.
Treatment assessment and quote with no commitment.


Eye surgery

Personalised treatment.
Follow-up and supervision by a specialist medical team.


Post-surgery consultation

Your vision will be checked the day after the surgery.

Medical treatment Oftalvist Barcelona

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