At Oftalvist we offer you financing(*) tailored to your needs to make all our treatments affordable.

Consult the different financing possibilities that we offer you in convenient installments once you obtain the budget for your intervention.

Our financing

On your visit to the Clinic, inform us that you are interested in financing your operation and we will provide you with the Standardized Prior Information (INE) with all the details of the financial offer so that you can evaluate it.

If you agree with the financing conditions offered, you must provide us with your details so that the financial institution can study your application.

If your application is approved, we will collect a copy of the required documentation and you will be able to sign the financing transaction.

Now all that remains is to operate and start paying your installments comfortably.

Advantages of financing your eye surgery

Quick and simple process.

Sign the contract at the clinic itself, without the need to go to your bank.

There are no notary fees.

You can direct the receipts to your usual bank. For more information, Oftalvist will contact you in less than 24 hours on working days. You can also call one of our operators at 901 010 190.

What documentation do we need?

Photocopy of the ID of the person financing.

Photocopy of the last payslip. If you are self-employed, the Income statement. If you are retired, Social Security proof of income (retirement pension or proof of passive classes).

Photocopy of the bank card where payments are to be made or an official document stating the account holder (the holder must be the same one who finances).

Request an appointment by calling the nearest center.

(*) Entity that markets the loan: Santander Consumer Finance, S.A., in any case, the operations are subject to a study and approval by this financial entity.

(**) This is the minimum documentation, the entity may, in the cases it considers according to its risk criteria, require additional documentation.

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