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Ophthalmologist María Fideliz de la Paz Dalisay

María Fideliz de la Paz Dalisay

Member number: 38638


Specialties she deals with

Cornea and ocular surface
Dry eye
Ocular Oncology
Facial aesthetic medicine

Centers where she works

Oftalvist Barcelona

Ophthalmologist at Barcelona

Dr. María Fideliz de la Paz Dalisay is an ophthalmologist at the Oftalvist Barcelona clinic.


  • Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from the University of the Philippines
  •  Bachelor of Science in Psychology (1987-1990): University of the Philippines, Diliman, Metro Manila Philippines (University State Scholar, graduated cum laude)
  • Medical Degree (1991-1996): University of the Philippines Manila – Philippine General Hospital, Manila, Philippines
  • Ophthalmology Residency (1998-2000) – East Avenue Medical Center, Metro Manila, Philippines (graduated chief resident)
  • Scholarship of the Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional (AECI), granted by the Instituto Cervantes in Manila for observership in Centro de Oftalmología Barraquer (2001 -2002)
  • Master in Anterior Segment (2001-2003)- Institut Universitari Barraquer, Barcelona Spain
  • Fellowship in Anterior Segment (2004-2007) – Centro de Oftalmología Barraquer, Barcelona, Spain
  • Doctorate, Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona (2016)

Asistencial activity

Actual charge: Anterior Segment Specialist at Oftalvist Barcelona

  • Presently the only surgeon in Spain and surrounding countries performing osteo-odonto keratoprosthesis, tibial bone osteo keratoprosthesis.
  • Invited by the Philipine Cornea Society to perform the first osteo-odonto keratoprosthesis at the St. Lukes Medical Center, 2017-2018

Teaching activity

  • Tutor of instruction surgeries in keratoplasty and keratoprosthesis. 
  • Tutor of emergency courses in ophthalmology, autoimmune diseases and keratoprosthesis.

Research activity

  • Her main research activity has been developed in the subject of keratoprosthesis (artificial corneal such as Boston keratoprosthesis, osteoodontokeratoprosthesis, Tibia osteokeratoprosthesis), congenital aniridia, limbal insufficiency and dry eye.
  • She has participated as principal investigator and sub-investigator in more than 10 clinical trials.



Main awards highlighted in the professional career of the ophthalmologist:

  • Research Travel Grant by European Vision for Eye Research/ EVER (the European counterpart of the ARVO) awarded in Slovenia, 2008.
  • ALCON award for best publication in an international peer reviewed journal, Barraquer Eye Institute, 2010.
  • ALCON award for best publication in an international peer reviewed journal, Barraquer Eye Institute 2016.
  • Distinguished Keratoprosthesis Surgeon awarded by the Massachussetts Eye and Ear Infirmary Harvard University, 2019.
  • Corresponding Member of the Royal Academy of Physicians of Catalonia for publications in top peer reviewed journal, 2021.
  • Member with Thesis, International Cornea Society (2021)


Author of 45 publications in international journals (peer-reviewed journals) and more than 20 chapters in national and international books.

Organizations and societies

She belongs to the following associations:


  • Cornea Society (member with thesis).
  • European Dry Eye Society.
  • Keratoprosthesis Study Group (member of the steering committee).

Areas of interest

His main area of ​​interest is dry eye, conjunctivitis, blepharitis, artificial cornea (keratoprosthesis), conjunctival tumors, autoimmune diseases, burns chemical, blood derivatives for the treatment of surface pathologies eye and amniotic membrane.


Spanish, English, Tagalog, French, Italian, Portuguese and Arabic.

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